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The Chaps

The Chaps
Care of Twang Town
45 Moray Place
New Zealand
Phone: 027 486-2789

About The Chaps...

The Chaps have entertained audiences in New Zealand and overseas for 21 years, with their unique cabaret-style mix of music and humour. The music - which they call "Cowboy Lounge" - has its roots in folk and bluegrass, but is flavoured with calypso and swing.

They sing tight, four-part harmonies, backing their songs with skilful playing on guitar, dobro, fiddle, mandolin and double bass.

"... all are accomplished multi-instrumentalists with excellent voices and a gift for harmony."
Wellington Evening Post

The Chaps have written more than half the songs in their repertoire. The rest is a selection of tunes seldom heard elsewhere: lesser-known country numbers; old swing tunes; and snippets from sources as varied as Elvis, The Jolly Boys and The Chords.

But it's the banter in between that really sets The Chaps apart: the sometimes crazy repartee that spares no-one - least of all the audience - making every concert a special occasion.

The Chaps have ventured out from their base in Dunedin to venues all over New Zealand. They've played every major folk festival in the country, and made two successful tours in Europe during 2003 and 2006.

For the last couple of years, the Chaps have laid low, working on a recording project, but making occasional live appearances, such as their support of Eddi Reader for her Dunedin concert. At last, the Chaps are on the road again.

Following the successes of their two albums "Live in the Club" and "Hiphopalong", in 2012 they're touring to promote the release of their latest recording "Don't Worry 'Bout Your Age" which has been selected as one of three finalists for Best Folk Album of the Year 2012 in the NZ Music Tui Awards.

John John Dodd
Vocals, Double bass
John has played professionally since the early 1970s, in a long list of bands that includes Cripple, The Spaghettis, and the Midge Marsden band.
By day, John is head of the music department at a Dunedin secondary school. In addition to The Chaps, he plays in the R&B band Whirling Eddys, and the Southern Sinfonia.
Hyram Hyram Ballard
Vocals, Guitar, Dobro, Fiddle
A migrant from California, Hyram brings the influence of his musical roots in country and jazz. His experience in dramatic stage performance adds to the band's presentation.
During the day, Hyram runs his own Dunedin music store: Twang Town.
Marcus Marcus Turner
Vocals, Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar
Marcus is well known in New Zealand as a solo folk performer and songwriter. He also plays with the Celtic group RSB and the group Footspa.
Marcus's day-job is in the offices of a television company, where he's co-ordinator of research and information.
Mike Mike Moroney
Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo
Mike was for many years a member of the Pioneer Pog'n'Scroggin Bush Band. He plays with roots band Radler and the duo Catgut and Steel.
Mike is an office manager for Delta Psychology. He also teaches music and organises a number of folk events, including the annual Whare Flat Folk Festival, and operates several websites including KiwiFolk.